how to keep a pool clear

At the beginning of every swimming season when I remove the cover from my pool, there is usually someone that acts amazed at how clear my pool is. ... More

how to create a landing page with wordpress.com

The landing page helps to improve the conversion by converting visitors into potential customers. WordPress has a number of plugins to help you build a landing page by using simple drag-and-drop feature and not writing any code. WordPress Support have come up with best Landing Page Plugins for WordPress site. ... More

ebay how to change paypal account for funds

8/01/2019 · PayPal had actively steered its users away from using credit cards to fund payments—the default option in its online checkout was a bank account, and it was cumbersome and confusing to change ... More

how to cook red samon in the oven

6. Top a pizza . Preheat oven to gas mark 6/200C (180C in a fan oven). Spoon 5tbsp passata over a ready-made pizza base. Top with a 180g drained can of salmon, 155g pack of seafood selection and a few slices red onion. ... More

pokemon battle quest how to catch legendary locations

Pokemon dark rising Victini- In the house in Aroma Town Landorus- In the Desert before entering Inferno Mountain Shaymin- In the BattleGrounds, after defeating your Mom. ... More

how to cook eggs on a griddle

Place the cakes on the griddle, and cook on each side for about 7 minutes, until they are golden and crisp on the outer surface. Remove from the griddle and store in a clean towel to keep warm. ... More

how to develop a project plan for product development

ID WBS Task Name 1 1 Sample software development project 2 1.1 Start project 3 1.2 Initiation phase 4 1.2.1 Develop project charter 5 1.2.2 Project charter approved ... More

how to install excel add in for quality center

Follow the steps below to install the Thomson ONE Banker for Office Excel Add-in. Click Tools mode in the side navigation panel and select Office Tools . Click the Thomson ONE Banker (T1B) for Office Download link to download the latest version of Excel Add-in. ... More

how to delete all conversation history in yahoo messenger 11.5

Yahoo! Messenger Released: 31 May 2012 (6 years 6 months ago) Yahoo! Messenger Released: 02 Mar 2012 (6 years 9 months ago) ... More

how to create alt tags for images

Hop you learn the step by step process of adding how to add alt tags to images in wordpress website. Let us know about any other suggestion you have in your minds. Let us know about any other suggestion you have in your minds. ... More

dnd how to create ideals

The best way to make a Druid interesting is to pick a theme and go with it. Key the majority of your abilities with that theme like a Cleric's domain. Prefer those ... More

how to create folder in terminal

Finder doesn’t have any built-in ways to hide a folder (i.e. with a simple keyboard shortcut or from the Get Info window), and so the recommended method is within Terminal using the chflags command. This tutorial describes how to hide any file or folder in seconds. ... More

how to change torso to color roblox 2017

Roblox Female Torso Shading Tutorial! Back. Follow. Enjoy HOW TO MAKE CLOTHES ON ROBLOX!! (2017) GIMP Tutorial - Use Channel Mask to Select Hair and Fur by VscorpianC. Tutorial Gimp 2.8 - How to change color to black. Grotty's Natural Makeup Tutorial! HAIR EXTENSIONS SPEED DESIGN!! How to create a pencil drawing effect with Gimp - Tutorial (2015) GROTTY'S … ... More

how to clean wood after sanding before painting

Any laminated / non-wood surface should get a very light sanding with 120/180 grit sandpaper before painting. This will ensure that your paint adheres better to this non-porous surface. After sanding, make sure to clean off any dust and ensure your surface is clean and dry. Using a primer on these types of surfaces is a good idea, especially when they will get a lot of usage, such as cabinet ... More

how to build a spray booth for models

Hi, I am thinking about building a spray paint booth for weathering and painting HO scale models. It would use a duct to blow fumes to the outside of the house. ... More

how to clear search bar on facebook

How to clear Facebook search history Delete awful search bar history Posted in Social Media By Sureyea Just like news feed and timeline, Facebook introduced another new technology just in March 2013 and they named it as Facebook Graph search. ... More

how to create your own hiit workout for fitness success

Join the Group HIIT community and take your fitness to the next level. Group HIIT programs are design with groups in mind. The most equipment you will need is a pair of dumbbells and a yoga mat. Invite a friend and follow a program together. Increase Your Chances of Success A Stanford University study showed that rece ... More

wii how to delete saves

Things are a little bit more complicated for the Wii, but they have a detailed, step-by-step process to help Nintendo DS and Wii users re-activate the online modes for the games. ... More

how to build corner shelves in closet

This corner shelving unit costs around $100 to build if you have to buy everything. If you can find wood on sale or if you happen to have a few boards that you’re not using for another project, you can cut the cost considerably. It looks beautiful once it’s finished and you can stain or paint it any color that you need to match your existing décor. This would be great over the TV for ... More

how to cook long green onions

The Washington Post, on potato-green bean soup: “Add the onion and cook for 8 to 10 minutes, stirring occasionally, until golden brown.” If you added all those cooking times together end to ... More

how to connect electricity to rental

Water, electricity, and gas are a must, but cable and Internet are often considered “essentials” amongst the recent grad community, as well. With any luck, your landlord will cover some of your utilities, but certain ones are guaranteed to be your responsibility. ... More

how to get gear back varshik kingdom come

Samsung reserves the right to modify pricing and modify or cancel promotions at any time, without prior notice. No Interest if Paid in Full within 6, 12, 24 Months: Available on purchases on Samsung.com charged to a Samsung Financing Program Account. ... More

how to draw the flash logo step by step

Step 6 Add any logo or just the Flash-logo and fill it with #235676; Step 7 Add these blending-options to the logo; Step 8 And then you can add anything you like ... More

how to change gmail email account

For many of the popular email providers, such as Gmail, Yahoo, and Outlook, Step 3: Select the email account for which you want to change the password. Step 4: Touch the Account button at the top of the screen. Step 5: Tap inside the Password field. Step 6: Delete the current password, replace it with the new password, then touch the Done button. If youve been shopping for a new ... More

how to become an international arms dealer in australia

Coat of Arms. The Commonwealth Coat of Arms is the formal symbol of the Commonwealth of Australia. It is used to identify the authority and property of the Australian Government, the Australian Parliament and Commonwealth courts. ... More

how to draw checkbox in word

If you prefer to create your own text boxes, choose the Draw Text Box command from the Text Box menu (refer to Step 2). Drag the mouse to create a text box at a specific location and size. The text box appears empty, ready for you to type something. ... More

how to buy lotto in australia

In Australia , the lotto officials they need bit of time before they hand money over .Lets say You win 20 mill in PowerBall on Thursday I don't believe You will be able to collect that money on Friday . There is the process of checking , re checking , triple checking … ... More

how to download maps for garmin gps free

Hunting Gps Maps Maps Hunting Gps Maps Collection Of Map Pictures. Free Garmin Maps Elegant Garmin Nuvi Usa Map Download Refrence Free. Free Us Gps Map Download. Usa United States Of America Us Offline Map Guide Weather. Free Us Gps Map Download Best Of Users Skyvector Canphvcom Free Us. 2018 Igo Map Sd Card Us 8gb With Lastest Gps Maps Europe ... More

how to develop a behaviorally anchored rating scale

Development of a Behaviorally Anchored Rating Scale for Self- and Peer Evaluation MATTHEW W. OHLAND Purdue University MISTY L. LOUGHRY Georgia Southern University DAVID J. WOEHR University of North Carolina at Charlotte LISA G. BULLARD RICHARD M. FELDER North Carolina State University CYNTHIA J. FINELLI University of Michigan RICHARD A. LAYTON Rose-Hulman Institute … ... More

how to create emf file

EMF (Enhanced MetaFile) and raw are terms for spool file formats used in printing by the Windows operating system. When a print job is sent to the printer, if it is already printing another file, the computer reads the new file and stores it, usually on the hard disk or in memory, for printing at a later time. ... More

how to change restrictions passcode on iphone 5c

26/04/2017 Re: i forgot my restrictions passcode can't access App Store on iPhone 5c mama23dogs Apr 26, 2017 3:12 PM ( in response to mineralspirit ) Apple to the rescue. ... More

how to delete mcafee from windows 7

25/06/2013 · Uninstall your McAfee home user products using Add/Remove Programs in the Windows Control Panel: Windows 8 Users Close all McAfee program windows. ... More

how to connect a jamma harness to a power supply

JAMMA Extender Harness features a simple solution to extend the length of your current 28-pin JAMMA harness. 1 x JAMMA Extension Harness. Length: 22”. Length: 22”. arcade power supply and jamma harness untested #304 ... More

how to change wifi password netcomm 6334

In order to change your WiFi password, you need to be either connected to the wireless network, or be connected to the modem via Ethernet cable. In a web browser, put into the URL bar to access the modem's interface. ... More

how to add objects in blender

If there were no syntax errors the operator is now available to the user. Make sure you have an active object to test the new add-on. In the 3D-window you may … ... More

how to answer selection criteria nursing

While I am not trying to discourage people from studying nursing, I do feel the need to highlight a few points to prospective students: – From 2012, caps for university places were removed, allowing an unlimited intake of students into Bachelor of Nursing degrees. ... More

how to buy north melbourne football tickets as members

BRISBANE, AUSTRALIA - AUGUST 04 Eric Hipwood of the lions in action with Luke McDonald of the roos during the 2018 AFL round 20 match between the Brisbane Lions and the North Melbourne Kangaroos at the Gabba on August 04, 2018 in Brisbane, Australia. ... More

how to change keyboard to us

19/03/2007 Click on control panel.- Regional and Language options. Click Languages tab. . Click Details. Click Add. Then choose from the list the keyboard language you want. ... More

how to make queen ants come out of their nest

Sugar ants invade homes in the early spring and fall because they are looking for food and a cool, dark, moist, wooded area to make a nest to support their colony. Some older homes tend to attract more of these types of ants because they usually have plenty of … ... More

how to create web portal using java

Therefore, the only valid answer to that question is: Yes, it is very possible to use Java to build a web browser. However, a web browser is an exceptionally complex piece of software. Even Google, when building its Google Chrome browser, used existing technology to do it, rather than inventing their own browser from scratch. ... More

how to delete music itunes iphone

How to Delete Music from iCloud Music Library: Open the Music app on your iPhone > tap Library. Find the songs, albums, playlists that you want to delete from iPhone > ... More

how to use topaz clean in photoshop cs6

The pictures of AJ & Tess all use the same action….so click here if you would like to download it. It requires Topaz Clean, Lens Effects, and Adjust to work. It requires Topaz Clean… ... More

how to change tumblr url on mobile 2017

Share content and media with friends and followers on Tumblr by embedding interesting links in your posts. Embed link in a text post with the post editing tools, or create a Link Post to share on your timeline. The Link Post type includes the URL field, a title field and a description box where information can be added about the link. You can also embed a link under your blog title in any of ... More

how to close some snapchat coounts

Once someone sends you a friend request on Snapchat, you have to accept it before you are connected. Open Snapchat and tap on the ghost icon at the top left of the screen. Tap Added Me . ... More

how to survive 7 days to die

This guide explains how to survive the 7 day horde using zombie dumb mind against them. Base design requires minimum resources and i hay nhất... ... More

how to build a wooden couch frame

An exceptional project ready to provide you a trendy and unique sitting arrangement. This elegant wooden pallet couch helps you out in beautiful interior designing. ... More

how to clean and press a silk tie

Recipe: 1 neck-tie, 1 slide adjuster, 15-20 cm of fairly malleable wire (depending on the size of tie), glue gun and/or needle and thread The reason for the and/or is because, glue gunning is definitely the quickest way to finish this item, but if you consider glue-gunning instead of … ... More

how to clean suede furniture stains

Microsuede is a type of microfiber upholstery that resembles suede. This is a guide about cleaning stains on microsuede furniture. ... More

how to detect a bug in your house

Unlike other house bugs, fleas are not common and they do not come into the house on their own. They are parasitic bugs that find their way into a home on the back of an animal. Fleas are pests in a home because they bite humans and animals (blood is a flea's food) and quickly grow in numbers. In addition to bites, animals can get tapeworms from swallowing fleas. Many humans are allergic to ... More

how to add combs to a full lace wig


how to draw a human ghost

Ghost Rider cover by the last laugh goes to the ultimate bonehead: Related. I’ve found drawing hands one of the most challenging aspects of drawing the human figure. You can get away with quite a bit when rendering the human figure, but get the hand wrong and it sticks out like a sore thumb. Once you start learning… Here’s a quick follow-up to the post I did a few years ago on how to ... More

how to create a custom field in salesforce lightning

Create A Record: It offers default functionality of creating record in lightning experience, you can add fields conferring to your need. Log A Call: It offers the default functionality for producing a … ... More

how to change normal tickets to rii

A waiting list ticket is a normal ticket that has been put in the waiting list, and it'll get confirmed when someone else cancels their ticket. Conversely, a tatkal ticket is a special type that can be bought only before 48 hours from the time of journey. ... More

how to cook buckwheat kernels

Overnight Coconut Buckwheat Porridge 5 from 1 reviews This overnight coconut buckwheat porridge is a filling, healthy, and vegan breakfast porridge recipe made with buckwheat, coconut milk, and chia seeds and sweetened with fresh fruit. ... More

how to change the ribbon on sony cdx m8800

The manual describes functions of CDX-M8800, tells how to use it correctly and includes instructions on maintanance. Owner's manual usually has installation instructions, set up guide, adjustment tips, trubleshooting guide and specification sheet. ... More

how to draw the side of a mans head renaissance

... More

how to keep guillotine deck clean

Teak is a very popular type of furniture, especially as on the patio in outdoor living spaces. Teak wood is gorgeous and adds a lot of value to patio and other areas of the home. But many people aren't sure what they need to do to care for this fine wood. Here's how to keep it clean and gorgeous ... More

how to close a leatherman surge

Meet maintenance tasks on the water and off with the Leatherman Surge® multi-tool. Boasting a total of 21 tools, the Surge® multi-tool equips owners for a dzzying array of tasks! Tools include tough new pliers, and longer locking blades. ... More

how to build corrugated planter box

Before cutting the galvanized corrugated panels, measure each panel to ensure a snug fit. Because the corrugation runs the length of the sheet, you will need to splice two pieces for each of the long sides. You should have two 18x12 pieces that overlap by three inches, approximately. ... More

how to create a great business name

4 Tips for Choosing a Great Business Name Choosing a business name is one of the first big tasks for any entrepreneur. You’ve decided to follow your dream, and you need a name to form your company. ... More

how to build a bandsaw stand

The Best Build Bandsaw Stand Free Download. Build Bandsaw Stand. Basically, anyone who is interested in building with wood can learn it successfully with the help of free woodworking plans which are found on the net. ... More

how to delete local backups on mac

You can back up your Mac, or files and folders on it, to a local drive or one on a network. Backups can be scheduled to run at set times or triggered by events, such as plugging in a drive. And ... More

how to clean gutters you can t reach

With this in mind, the easiest way to clean gutters is by using gutter cleaning tongs. One of the essentials of clean gutters, especially if they are hard to reach, is by using gutter cleaning tools so you won’t have to use a ladder. This way, you not only ensure a clean gutter, you are ensuring your safety in doing so. ... More

how to connect a second monitor one with hdmi

Watch video · Here's a recent one from Gateway on the back -- see a -- connection for HDMI and -- on the back your computer is a single monitor connection. You … ... More

how to download video from facebook to computer hd

Facebook Video Downloader Online Download Facebook Videos online using this Facebook Video Downloader SabeAs.co just Paste the URL of the Facebook video in the box above, then click Download to get the direct video link. ... More

how to buy delp led bulbs

Buy EESL DELP 9w LED Bulbs - A Government of India Initiative, at Rs 99 only on Snapdeal Online. Snapdeal has partnered With EESL For The Domestic Buy online in India & Get latest Snapdeal online shopping offers, cashback, Snapdeal deals, Snapdeal coupons. ... More

how to connect ipega to iphone

hello , i have ipega 9023 ,how can u use my iphone 6 conect bluetooh to dji tello , pls help sir, my eamail atek111@yahoo.com , thank you War diese Antwort hilfreich? ... More

how to build a cute small house in minecraft

Cool small minecraft houses small modern house minecraft build. Small kitchen storage creative storage for small kitchens. Small cottage house plans cute small house plan. ... More

how to i add a n outline in google doc

Drag and drop the ones you need to turn them into an outline. Google Fonts - additional types of fonts in Google Docs. The best font add-one is built-in Google Docs. To get more fonts, select More Fonts from the font menu. You will be able to add all the available fonts to your Google Docs account. Any of the fonts can also be removed from the Google Docs menu. Voice Typing dictates text to ... More

how to add roms to nds4ios with computer

? 4,924 views; Nds4Ios How To Get Pokemon Black 2White 2 On An Ios fresh and new update, get Nds4Ios How To Get Pokemon Black 2White 2 On An Ios detail review highlight score new download information and Nds4Ios How To Get Pokemon Black 2White 2 On An Ios free video & mp3. ... More

how to connect mac to windows server

30/12/2006 · I have a fileserver setup running XP pro, and have a drive shared. I have no firewall on it. Now i'm running 10.4.7 and when i go to Go-> Connect to server, and type in "smb://" and add to the list, and try to click connect the connect button doesn't do anything. ... More

how to buy erimin 5 in japan

Buy your Japan Rail Pass. 5. Swap your Exchange Order into a Japan Rail Pass. You will now need to locate the nearest JR Exchange office. You will transform your exchange order in to your Japan Rail Pass here but make sure you have your passport, temporary visitor stamp and exchange order with you. You will be asked to set an activate date which can be up to 30 days from the date of ... More

how to add multiple pages to your website

So if you name the page what you want, then when you create your menu you can add the page to your menu, and then change the label. So the page may be called About BobWP the Blogger, but after adding it to the menu, I can change it to About without affecting the page title. Hope that makes sense. ... More

how to cancel a commit to buy on ebay

How do I cancel item I committed to buy by mistake Auto-suggest helps you quickly narrow down your search results by suggesting possible matches as you type. ... More

how to connect wp4540 via cat5

5/06/2017 · I used to connect two computers using using Ethernet cable but when I upgraded to Windows 10, I can't connect anymore. I can connect two PCs running Windows 8.1 but not a PC running Windows 10 to a PC running Windows 8.1 or Windows 10. ... More

how to draw easy boy hair

Easy Drawing Ideas For Teenage Boys How To Draw A Manga Boy Teenager (Stepstep) – Youtube; Easy Drawing Ideas For Teenage Boys How To Draw A Manga Boy Teenager (Stepstep) – Youtube ... More

how to change commbank app pastwod

In todays update to their app, CommBank has added support for Android N and having installed it on my Android N test device I can attest that the app now loads. Before you run out and install ... More

how to create live cd

Creating a LiveCD image with livecd-tools. For SL6 use the livecd-tools provided in the sl-addons repo. To install livecd-tools run as root. yum --enablerepo=sl-addons install livecd-tools ... More

how to change bach yahoo mail

Change is difficult to adapt, while new Yahoo Mail inbox layout looks very different from old one – it is still functional and practical in every sense. ... More

how to connect tv to internet without remote

Apple TV will automatically connect to the internet. Use your App Remote from your iPhone and click on remotes, use App remote With the remote click on ... More

how to create a custom scrambler

The custom motorcycle scene has grown significantly since the heyday of the custom choppers and bobbers in the late '60s and '70s. While there is a huge supply of custom parts for today's custom machines, many bike builders prefer to fabricate their own parts in order to stand out from the crowd. ... More

how to delete locked files in windows 10

Heres a list of 3 file unlocker software for Windows 10 which you can use to release files and folders which are locked up by other programs, processes and users. One of the main reasons why someone might want to do something like this is to delete a file without having to restart Windows. Other times its so that files can be changed and saved. ... More

how to connect fortnite to your xbox account

13/06/2018 · Your entire 365 days of 2018 aren’t just replaying God of War until the next Sony Exclusive comes out. You play it 20-30 hours and move on to your 3rd parties/indies. You play it 20-30 hours and move on to your 3rd parties/indies. ... More

how to drink detox water

How Often Do You Drink Detox Water Clean In 14 Detox Diet Freee Detox Diet 21 Day Plan How Often Do You Drink Detox Water Veggie Detox Diet Plan Lemon Cucumber And Watermelon Detox Water You are trying to get physique to switch from as being a carbohydrate or protein burning machine proper fat burning machine. ... More

how to clean egyptian cotton towels

Before You Buy Bath Towels, Read This! Even if the ads for a towel state that it is something like “Egyptian cotton,” make sure to double check the individual label stitched into the towel to make sure that it is one-hundred percent Egyptian cotton. Sometimes towels that are advertised as “Egyptian cotton” are really only 10%. 4 . Steer away from towels with mixed fibers. Towels ... More

how to create a peppa pig cake

Use [left] and [right] keys to rate, [enter] to submit, [esc] to cancel. I would like to preface this by saying Im no great cake decorator, Im just a mum with kids that love themed cakes and ... More

how to buy paris museum pass

You can buy it at the airport when you arrive at CDG. If you don't get it at the airport, purchase it at an attraction that is usually not very crowded. As you know, the primary advantage of the MP is that it permits you to skip the entrance waiting line. So when purchasing the pass, buy it at an ... More

how to connect youtueb video to powerpoibt in ipad

[vpn youtueb safe VPN download] , vpn youtueb Best VPN Fast‎ how to vpn youtueb for 4h Anyone who dares to clutter the 1 last update 2019/01/01 environment by giving birth to a vpn youtueb child will be find £1,000 and vpn youtueb forced to take sex education classes at a vpn youtueb cost of £95. ... More

how to cook the best ribs on the grill

See more What others are saying "basting the Barbecue Ribs on the grill by /girlichef/ These ribs look incredible, can't wait to try." "Fall-Off-The-Bone Barbecue Ribs packed with the ... More

how to download from youtube with subtitles

... More

how to draw a library

This drawing illustrates the content of the Fluid Power Equipment library provided by the ConceptDraw Mechanical Engineering solution. The solution is composed from the 8 libraries, containing about 500 elements related to mechanical engineering visualization. it will be helpful for drawing various schemes, charts and blueprints of pneumatic, and hydraulic equipment or other drawing related ... More

how to add an attachment to an email on outlook

The code below adds an attachment, however it creates a new email. Sub BA7() Dim myItem As Outlook.MailItem Dim myAttachments As Outlook.Attachments Set myItem = Application.CreateItem(olMailItem) Set myAttachments = myItem.Attachments myAttachments.Add "J:\BUILDING\Email attachments\BA7word.docx", _ olByValue, 1, "BA7" End ... More

how to add social media to email signature gmail

By Julie Larson aka the QR Diva. Adding Social Media Icons to Gmail Signature. Back by popular demand! Awhile back, I did a blog post about adding social media icons to gmail signatures. ... More

how to clean mould from a tamron lens

Instead, use a blower brush to remove particles from the camera and a clean, dry cloth to clean the lens. Clean the Fungus Immediately Finally, if you do encounter a lens fungus problem on the exterior of the camera, the lens will need to be cleaned. ... More

how to fully delete an app on iphone

Unfortunately, the only way to delete that cache is to delete the entire app completely and then reinstall it. Some apps might have their own way of deleting this … ... More

how to put a break in ul

31/10/2006 · CSS: what do I add to my ul declaration to force all ul's to a new line? More questions Create an HTML document using Microsoft® Notepad by following the steps listed in Appendix E. ... More

how to raise on change react

The facts. What happens? As you increase the temperature the rate of reaction increases. As a rough approximation, for many reactions happening at around room temperature, the rate of reaction doubles for every 10C rise in temperature. ... More

how to add new items to dental for windows

Items that are checked show in the current view. Check or uncheck an item to change the view. Changing an item here does not permanently change view settings. Check or uncheck an item … ... More

how to solve activex cant create object

... More

how to copy your email to a hard drive

21/06/2017 · You can copy lotus notes email to hard drive by using this solution. Need to Copy Notes emails on Hard Drive There can be many reasons to save email from lotus notes to hard drive. Some are listed: 1. If a user wants to migrate his Lotus emails to a new machine and he needs to access the old database and emails, then he has to save emails on his local machine. 2. If any … ... More

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how to take close up photos of flowers

26/12/2012 · Close-up photos pull you directly into a subject so you can examine its details from a unique perspective. A close-up tends to focus on a specific thing—an insect, a plant, a flower…

sipik sk68 how to change battery

Aliexpress is offering great deals on Sipik SK68 CREE XR-E Q5 Zoomable. The Sipik SK68 CREE XR-E Q5 Zoomable is a LED Flashlight that is powered by a AA, 14500 battery …

how to build an electric bass guitar

MARTIN KOCH Building Electric Guitars How to make solid-body, hollow-body and semi-acoustic electric guitars and bass

how to catch a cricket ball

Item Type: Article Schools and Departments: School of Psychology > Psychology: Depositing User: Zoltan Dienes: Date Deposited:

how to connect your phone data to your tablet

To do this, you must configure the Android tablet to work as a Wi-Fi hotspot and then connect the phone to it. Furthermore, you can secure your new hotspot to make sure nobody but you can access it.

how to clean mildew off net curtains

No need to remove curtains or blinds from their tracks Can be used on ceilings, walls, colourfast wallpaper, skirting boards Removes within minutes right before your eyes without scrubbing.

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